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From your home to a vacation place and back home again.  Perfect accessories for your home.  Air flights, too.  Both on this page with the funny name.  Outdoor unique items, hotel bedding, great wines, newspapers, flowers, coffee, pet treats and more.  There are free ebooks here for recipes also.  We have packed a lot into this page so please scroll down and make sure you catch the hotel bedding, the wine section, the coffee machines and the coupons from the Diabetes Association for items you or a family member may need.


This site will take your breath away there are so many wonderful items to shop for. Simply click on the banner and you will be amazed.


Cost Plus World Market: Discover Unique Global Finds




We had a coffee with friends not long ago and we always were of the impression that our own coffee was good. At least as good as the ones that can be purchased from a coffee shoppe. The Jura machine was sitting on their counter and they had purchased it online through this same vendor as shown here. This particular one is a one cup at a time, but it was brewed quickly and with a little bit of wonderful foam on top. Within seconds, we had a cup of coffee that I still think about to this day. This Jura machine is beyond comprehension when you want that perfect cup of coffee - you can dial it to get different coffee strengths and since our friends are of Brazilian and Australian origins, their cup of coffee was a bit stronger than we were accustomed to, but I have to say we were totally impressed! A great coffee with friends just sort of insists you have a great day. And this Jura ENA 9 One Touch is just the coffee maker to make that day start out with warm, happy feelings. This Jura ENA 9 is our recommendation to you if you are looking for a great coffee machine that makes a great cup of coffee.


A true coffee barrista would advise you to always pre-warm your coffee cup for maximum taste and aroma.  This warming step is especially true when you use a porcelain cup as the coffee will cool down rapidly if you do not and the coffee taste will be inferior to what you were expecting from your new coffee machine.  Also, when you add the milk and sugar and then stir with a cold spoon, this also cools the coffee to a degree.  So take that extra second to run the cup or mug under hot water first.  There is a Jura 68565 Cup Warmer at Amazon that is a great addition to your kitchen accessories if you want to check it out.  



Shop locally or use the Happy Cow site below to find the vegetarian restaurant and health food shop in your area.  We did and are really pleased with the selection of organic restaurants and stores. 


HappyCow Healthy Eating Guide



Just a couple of options for you when you are looking for hotel bedding to make your home feel like you are still on vacation.  Check out Pacific Pillows for their wide selection of hotel bedding, and they now sell curtains as well. 



To get you outside and into the fresh air to enjoy your garden, we offer you this wonderful selection of fountains, garden statues and accessories, and birdbaths, just to name a few.

Garden Fountains

Garden Fountains

Garden Fountains

Garden Benches

Garden Fountains

Garden Fountains

Copper Fountains

Garden Fountains

Bird Baths

Bird Baths

Bird Baths

Garden Fountains

Garden Fountains

Garden Planters

Garden Statuary





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Here at Home and Jet Away, we are creating the atmosphere that will make your home life comfortable and your Away life as comfortable as possible while you are not at home.  We move from furnishings to flights and luxury villa rentals in Tuscany, and along the way are providing reading material, investment information and  chocolates and cheeses as gifts either to give or enjoy for yourself.  This fun and informative website has a variety of interesting ideas and we do hope you enjoy shopping here. 


Ever think you wanted that really extra special gift for someone - let's say, something personalized?  Well here is the perfect spot for that wonderful gift.  Personalized to suit whomever you choose and say whatever you want to say.  Check it out.



Pet Owners can get that upper hand with dog training.  Sit Stay Fetch is just the program that genuinely cares about your pet and helps you to give it the training that makes both of your lives easier.

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Limited Edition Coffee from Gevalia



Adding flowers is just one of the great accessories we should allow ourselves every now and then.  Not just for gift giving and special occasions, they warm the home as well as the heart.  Treat yourself today! 

Roses and Flowers 





Executive Essentials: If you are looking for that perfect pen or executive office set, then you just have to have a look at these engraved and specialty office items. Accessories, Gifts, Pens, and More for all occasions.



  Recently added to our interesting collection of home accessories is this site that sells steak brands, among other things.  You use your brand to put Well Done, Rare, Medium, etc into the meat while cooking on the grill, or you can actually purchase custom brands or just simply purchase your family initial - we just thought this one was quite special.  And then, while we were at it, we found a great site for your hot sauces.  The Carolina Sauce company has a really vast selection of hot sauces and gifty ideas!  Check it out.


And to help out with the dinner decisions, here are some free ebooks for you that will provide you with free recipes for many days to come.  Just return and get the updates now and then and you will never have to wonder what to cook for dinner again.  Bookmarking this page will make it easy to find the newest recipes for you.  It is said that cooking stimulates the mind.  Believe it or not?  


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Top 10 Vacation Destinations!



To give you the extra time you will need to pack for your vacation getaway, try one of these Kitchen Electrics from Chef's.  Once you get home again, you will be happy that you purchased it before you went away


Really great lighting available to all.  Check out the catalog by clicking on the picture.



We also will be including a little extra treat for you with respect to that special travelling that you always wanted to do. We are sure that Vacation and Travel are synonymous with Accessories, aren't you?  Enjoy the ride!


Remember that wonderful bed you slept in at the hotel last time you traveled?  You wondered how you could find that luxurious bedding for your own home, and now we have found it for you.  Yes, this is a repeat of the previous ad but we did not want you to miss out on anything.  Enjoy your sleep.





When it is time for you to pull up the chair and relax a little, we have also included some of those fine things called coffees, teas, wines and cheeses for you to choose from. If you would prefer to have organic wine, we certainly will understand and have located this provider for you. 


Vegan wines available here West Coast Selectionsalso. 




Pet Food Direct savings! Order now and save by having automatic monthly shipping. Never run out of pet food again.  


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